The Encore Entertainment Company is an auditioned, mixed, extra-curricular show choir that has a significant after-school commitment.  Members of Encore take pride in being a top-level show choir in the state of Ohio. Encore performs at regular choir concerts, for local groups, and at competitions across the midwest.  Singer-dancers in Encore must have a 2.0 or higher GPA and must be a member of another school choir. Potential Encore members and current Encore members are highly encourage to take voice lessons.  Auditions for singer-dancers take place in May of the preceding school year. Auditions require students to present an excerpt of an art song and a musical theater song. Encore also includes a student band (called the Encore Pit Band or Tombo Combo) and a crew (nicknamed The Machine). Auditions and interviews for band and crew also occur in May of the preceding year.

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