Voice Teachers

Voice and Piano Lesson Teachers in Medina area

The following is a list of known voice and piano lesson teachers in and around the Medina area. This is not an endorsement of any particular teacher. Please contact individual teachers for more information on their experience and qualifications. It is recommended that parents stay involved in your student’s private music study.

TC Biggs (PIANO/THEORY) – 330-242-0898
Cara Blynn (VOICE) – 330-421-6035 – lcsoprano@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Crabtree (VOICE/PIANO) – 724-678-6417 – Crabtree.eliz@gmail.com
Kirsten Forshew (VOICE/PIANO) – 330-635-2706 – kirsten.forshew@gmail.com
Kate Ilg (VOICE) – kateeilg@gmail.com
Jim Kiser (VOICE) – 330-241-5531 – jhkiser@zoominternet.net
Melinda Kline (VOICE) – Woodsy’s Music -330-725-8575- woodsysmedina@gmail.com
Mary Ellen Libertowski (PIANO) – 330-242-1244
Beth McDevitt (PIANO) – 330-813-0137 – bethmcdevitt@bethmcdevittpianostudio.com
Rachel O’Connell (VOICE/PIANO) – 484-332-6801 – rachelloconnell@gmail.com
Shane O’Neill (VOICE) – 330-807-3866 – www.shanepatrickoneill.com
Tammy Ritzert (VOICE) – tlynritz@yahoo.com
Miki Saito (VOICE/PIANO) – 330-858-6683 – mikisaito333@gmail.com – https://www.saitomusic.com/students
Cherylene Sedletzeck (PIANO) – 330-723-8301
Kimberly States (VOICE) – KimberlyStates@hotmail.com
Emily Stauch (VOICE) – 757-635-6380– emiliastauch@gmail.com
Joe W. Stuart (VOICE) – 330-390-0562 – jstuart@zoominternet.net
Marian Vogel (VOICE) – 216-526-5052 – fletcher1220@yahoo.com
Anna White (VOICE) – 419-606-0536 – annaewhite@live.com

Private voice lessons should help to give more individualized training and care for your voice. Lessons aren’t the same as practice time. We must remember to practice between lessons. Keep working and growing toward reaching and maximizing your potential as a singer.

Online theory resources – musictheory.net; teoria.com

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