Do you have to be a great singer to be in choir? Not here. If you feel like you have trouble singing, perhaps choir could be a good place for you to learn how to use your voice. Everyone can learn to sing. We do ask that everyone in choir seek to improve by working hard inside and outside of class.

Which choir are auditioned? How do the auditions work? Choirs with formal auditions include Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus, and Encore. Auditions for Concert Choir and Women’s Chorus occur at the same time. These auditions are scheduled appointments with the choir director sometime during March or April of the preceding school year. Encore auditions occur shortly after our Showtime performances in the preceding school year. A group dance audition, as schedule by the director, and a vocal audition by appointment is required.

How can parents or family members get involved? We try to provide many opportunities for family members to help support their child’s music education. Our booster group, Harmony Helpers, assists in fundraising and various projects throughout the school year. Those who are able to support financially can partner with us as choir patrons. We always need ushers and chaperones for our concerts. Those who wish to help chaperone in areas where they may be alone with students must complete the volunteer application and be approved by the Medina City School District as a volunteer.