Showtime History

For over 50 years Showtime has been a special spring tradition for the Medina High School community. Starting in 1970, it has been an important educational experience for thousands of Medina High School choir students. Whether performed in the auditorium of what is now part of the Medina County Administration Building, the MHS auditorium we now call the middle stage, or our beautiful main stage, Showtime has succeeded in bringing the joy and excitement of choral music to countless audience members. Showtime through the years includes the efforts of music teachers including Charles Carey, Mark Hutsko, Frank Bianchi, Shiela Ludwig, Jan Swanson, Beth Bayda, and current choir director, Tyler Skidmore, numerous talented choreographers, many outstanding staff technicians including set, lighting, sound, and costume design, and many of Medina’s most outstanding young people.

Three of our current MHS Choir staff members are proud Showtime alumni. Mr. Skidmore, Ms. Peyton, and Mr. Bonezzi, all performed in this show during their years as a student at MHS.

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